I think one of the most important things in our lives are ambition. Ambition to do more and live “bigger” lives.

I wake up every day and believe I can change the world and get everything I want. I believe I can not only have a huge impact, but also have great friends, be very healthy and be very wealthy.

Is it all realistic? Hell no. If you saw my private goals you would probably categorize me as crazy (and that would be fair). I have some modest public goals, but they’re not totally updated and only speak of some things I want to do as a kind of bucket list.
(To give a hint: I want to see the most beautiful things on earth, learn amazing things, be with great people, never worry about money and work on the greatest challenges in the world).

But why do I make these extreme goals do it?

I do it because I believe in bolder lives. I believe trying to do more. I believe when you remove all the clutter and waste, and spend your time on amazing work, experiences and relationships, things grow.

To keep pursuing extreme goals are difficult. If you don’t work hard to keep trying and keep yourself motivated, you go back into the daily rhythm of doing average work.

And here comes my two points of this small post.

Point #1 is you should always write down your goals. That is pretty clear and even from a scientific standpoint it makes sense. When you have some goal written down, you will subconsciously try to work towards it.
It doesn’t mean you will always get there, but it means you will work towards it, at least if you do point #2.

Point #2 is to revisit your goals every month. Revisit them, modify them a bit and add new things. I often go in and look at my goals to add a new place I want to see or add a new skill I want to learn. By looking at the goals at least every month, you can keep the ambitions high.

Just some thoughts before sleeping…