Every 3 months I update my personal goals, and last time was end of May. Not it’s time for another short review.

The last 3 months

I gotta admit things has been different than I thought.

I had a plan to live more balanced than last time I ran a startup. I planned to have time for friends, learning new skills & try new things. However, just like in my last startup, it has swallowed me. I work from morning to evening, leaving “personal time” to a minimum.

This is, however, on purpose. I don’t feel an external pressure. No one else is making these decisions. However, the absolutely biggest goal & dream of my life is to succeed on a big scale with my startup – and a fast-growing startup just needs every hour you can get. That means I have A LOT of 9am-9pm days, including weekends. That is entirely fine, but it also means every other goal has suffered.

Work, however, has excelled, obviously. Jesus Christ. We’re growing like crazy & performing like maniacs. I’m fucking proud.


My 3 months goals from June to August.

Business & Economy & Work:

  • Continue the amazing hard-work at Likvido. The next 3 months will be very preparing our systems to handle at least 5.000+ active debt-collection cases and make integrations with partners that can deliver those cases

Totally. And much, much more 🙂 We’re on a different planet.

  • Make sure none of my bank accounts has above 750.000 DKK so I’m covered by the Danish state in case my bank goes bankrupt

Kindaish done. On the limit.

  • Do another dollar-cost-averaging index-fund investment


Health & mind & body:

  • Keep doing sports at least 5 times a month, preferably 6.

Actually, this is done!

  • Sign up for another marathon in 2018 and at least one more half-marathon

Running in 2 weeks  in Estonia.

  • 2 More bodybuilding cycles (doing 5-week cycles), so I example should be at 50 kg bench press, squats, bend-over-curls and more (yeah, I’m still weak.. 😉 )

Been doing the cycles but improved slower than I planned, because I have been more disciplined on my running. Still bodybuilding 2-3 times a week, but..

  • Get the last 1-2 kg off my body and stay at 78kg

Failed. Been enjoying too much food.

  • Skip dinner on weekdays (a small snack like an apple or skyr)

Failed. Been enjoying too much food.

  • Daily routine with meditation, going on the weighing scale and very low amount of carbs/animal protein

Meditation? Fuck, I forgot.
Weighing scale? Kindaish
Ha, ha on carbs.

  • Sleep on average at least 7.5 hours per week, meaning no-phone and in bed at least 8 hours per night

50% Of the time.

Intelligence & “bio-hacking”:

  • Go to a doctor and get a full blood sample analysis
  • Try a blood-sugar measurement device despite being afraid of the pain, and add to a daily routine if it’s survivable
  • Have a plan for more supplements in addition to my daily omega 3, magnesium and Rhodiola

Failed & Not priotized.

Lifestyle, learning & experiences:

  • Enjoy my amazing 2 week trip in Italy+France in July fully

Fucking yes!

  • Read 8 books, with subjects: deep work, microservices architecture, contindelivery/testingsting, culture, management and potentially some culture related books (like a book about Japanese culture)

Finished 9 books.

  • Finish my 2 active Udemy courses on unit testing and productivity in Visual Studio


  • Finish 3 more courses: how to learn and two more I haven’t decided yet
  • Host at least 3 small parties/events at my home
  • Find at least 3 interesting people on LinkedIn and invite them out
  • Keep being social at least 1 times a week – either new people or existing friends