I’ve now been living outside Denmark for nearly two weeks. To me having a great space to work is essential, as I am an entrepreneur doing a lot of stuff online.

As I’ve started in Thailand, I’ve had the experience of working in three different locations:

  • HUBBA, Bangkok (a co-working space in Bangkok city)
  • The two Punspace offices in Chiang Mai (also a co-working space)

I thought I’d give a quick review for anyone interesting in that matter.

Review of HUBBA (Bangkok)

HUBBA is a really nice place. Small but nice looking, and it have great places to sit and work both inside and outside.

It is relatively cheap (if I remember correctly, around 250-300 Baht for a single day), and cheaper if you stay there for a whole month.

Pros and cons:

+ Really nice space
+ Lunch service (really tasty and very fair prices)
+ Very social atmosphere
+ Fast internet
– Too much noise
– Too cold for a foreigner like myself

In general I loved the place and can recommend it. If I am going to work more in Bangkok, I’d go back here.

Review of Punspace (Chiang Mai)

Punspace have two locations, but I want to recommend them both at the same time. Despite being two very different types of buildings (the one at the gate feels like a huge garage, and the one at the Nimm-area is smaller and more office like).

It’s cheaper than Bangkok, and it’s a good place to work. However, I have to stress the wifi is extremely bad. This is especially a problem at building close to the gate in the old town. I could barely get 2mbit, and this is of course a huge problem.

Pros and cons:

+ Great with two locations
+ Price
+ Free printer
+ No one to disturb you while working
– A weird silence. No one talked. Ever. If anyone as much as coughed, it felt like someone did a felony
– Really bad wifi. Could barely get above 2mbit most of the time at any of the hotspots
– Unless you buy a month, you have to rely on other people to get you inside after 6pm, which is a problem if you want to go back after dinner
– No lunch deals. The nimm-area has great places nearby (including a place with amazing 50 Baht street food), the one close to the gate, not so much