Life principles

I recently read Ray Dalio's newest book, Principles, and was inspired a lot by it. The main idea is to have a list of principles to live by and to make decisions from. By reasoning by principles, you know which actions and decisions to take. In case you don't, it means you don't have a developed principle.

This is my initial version of this. It's of course *far* from the principles list by Ray Dalio, but it's a work in progress. Just like my about pagegoals and my health dashboard I will update it so it should reflect my current principles.

Mental principles


Goals before pleasure

The most important in my life is reaching my goals. Personal pleasure comes second. I will always do the action that gets me closer to my goal.


Strive to live forever

If you believed you could live forever if you just reached 100 years, you would be MUCH more careful with your health. I do believe we will hit the longevity escale velocity in my lifetime making above realistic, but even if not, striving for living forever gives a MUCH healthier life with much fewer health problems.


Be public

I believe I should share everything about myself - from my health stats to my personal goals


Never lie

Lying not only hurts emotions and destroys relationships, it has a huge mental opportunity cost. The easiest is never lying or even giving a wrong impression on purpose.


Aging is a good thing

Every year, I get smarter, wiser, happier and more confident in myself. Not only will my impact increase, I can also help more people. Therefore, aging is a great thing I should embrace.

Lifestyle & Health principles


Never compromise on sleep

Sleeping 8 hours per day, is probably the most important thing we can do. Remember NOT doing it, will effect everything else


Never compromise on skipping exercise

Doing exercise at least 5 times a week is essential to provide mental and physical energy in the body.


Conscious decisions to enjoy life

Make conscious decisionswhen enjoy a moment fully and then do it fully, without regrets afterward.


Bigger, but fewer, pleasures

When having pleasures (eating sweets, vacation or relaxing), go big, but do it less than other people. Don't buy the cheap cake, but the expensive home-made cake. Don't do a weekend in a tourist trap in Spain, but hike 3 weeks in South America.


Meditate regularly

If I don't meditate at least a couple of times a week, I feel significantly worse. It's a priority for me to meditate at least 2-3 times a week (min. 10 minutes)