Hi there, I’m Lars Holdgaard

Full-time founder of Likvido, heavily into self-development, extreme about all things I do and absolutely loves adventure.

Being a founder

My favorite thing in the world is building startups and see things grow - fast. My (more than) full-time job is being CTO and co-founder of Likvido.

At Likvido our 30+ employees are building what will become the worlds leading credit management system. We automate the process from order-to-cash with an intelligent software solution.

Why I'm building Likvido

A full life

I want to live the best possible life. A great life for me is full of freedom, options, experiences, adventures and growth. However, all of this comes from extremely hard and focused work.

I strongly believe in self-improvement, having goals and continiously review your personal plans. I share both my goals and bucket list on this site, so you can follow my personal development.

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Say hi: let’s connect and maybe meet in the future!

I love expanding my network with interesting people. I also love more than “just connecting”, but actually do fun things together.

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