Every single day I get at least a few cold e-mails from “business developers” trying to sell me outsourced developers from eastern Europe. And it doesn’t stop there. We’re talking private phone calls, SMS, support tickets and an insane amount of LinkedIn requests.

I’m the CTO of Likvido, which is a SAAS with ~30 employees. We are a super small company with small budgets. Yet my inboxes on all channels are getting so many pitches. The pitch exists in two versions: “Save money” or “Find people faster”. The business model is either:

  1. You pay a management fee on top of the salary (developer salary is negotiated directly)
  2. You pay a monthly price for a resource (developer salary is hidden)
  3. You pay an hourly price

What I find really fun, is how these pitches are all the same. I’ve received at least a hundred generic offers, and there is absolutely no attempt to make things personalized.

The only exception is that I recently saw a few “Fintech developer companies“, who specialize in fintech. The only problem? It’s the same generic pitch now with a PDF file attached with some screens from fintech apps as references.

Dont get me wrong:
I love remote developers. Not only did I sell outsourced development services five years ago, but at Likvido we’re a fully remote team of absolutely amazing developers from around the world. I also believe having a remote team together in one location makes a lot of sense for companies not having this experience.

I also don’t mind cold e-mails or aggressive sales methods. They often work, and yes, I’m sure if you keep spamming widely enough, you do get the meetings.

But, that doesn’t change the underlying problem: I’ll never pick a software vendor by receiving a hundred generic offers. This is the image that comes up:

Let’s say we didn’t have the expertise for hiring remote developers in Likvido ourselves: How would we pick a vendor for outsourcing?
I’d go for one of two options:

  1. I’d ask around and get personal recommendations and intros
  2. I’d work with someone who’s super specialized in our space

I’m sure the outsourcing companies already do #1. I could imagine lots of variations like “Get 3 months salary for free if you refer a new customer“. If they don’t, there is a lot of potential here.

#2 Is where it gets interesting. I’d never reply to a “Hi we’re helping all fintechs grow faster!” or a “Hi need more resources?“.
But if someone wrote something like:

  1. Hi. We’re a remote team specialized in accounting integrations. We can see you have integrations with system A, B, and C and we’re experts in providing these integrations at a fixed cost”
  2. “Hi! We’re a remote team specializing in the accounts receivables space. We’ve huge respect for your special take on the market, compared to your UK competitors Chaser and Satago”
  3. “Hi! We signed up for your service, and we feel your UI was a bit inconsistent. We’re specialized in migrating from ASP.NET MVC solutions into a Vue/React solution with component design

Then I’d reply instantly! If someone wrote to me and specialized in the specific area we’re working on or knows the space – I want to talk to you.

The fun thing? These things are pretty easy to figure out. Read on the about us page. Read our job posts. Try signing up to our service.

So please:
No. I’ll not buy your outsourced developers.
But I will buy from someone who deeply understands my need, space, and have solutions.