When I was in Chiang Mai the first time back in 2014, I went on the quest for finding the world famous Mrs. Pa smoothies.

I went to the south gate by around 7pm, to find the very busy night market. I walked and walked, and couldn’t find it! Just as I was about to give up, I found it – Mrs Pa’s smoothies. I said hi and was surprised she spoke very nice English, and I got a really, really nice smoothie.

But is Mrs. Pa smoothie still in Chiang Mai here in 2015?


As of the 2nd of March, 2015, she is still there. I went there and got a really awesome pineapple smoothie (you cannot pick yourself, she just makes you one). Paid 25 Baht, and had a wonderful smoothie.

The taste is really good. The taste depends on what fruits Mrs. Pa has decided to bring on that specific date. Last time I was here I remember I got some mango smoothie, and today it was pineapple. It simply changes with her mood it seems.

Where is Mrs. Pa smoothie store?

It’s really simple to find. You goto the night market market by the South gate. I found her just across the 7-eleven on the street, in the middle of all the busy stores, but it seems she’s moving around. Back in 2014 I remember finding her closer to the water and grass in the back.

However, if you wander around in this area, it seems she’s always here. Be here after 6pm:

Location of Mrs Pa smoothie


Is the smoothies worth it?

Let me put it this way: it’s the best smoothies I’ve had in Chiang Mai. Period. Here are some pictures from my visit: