Latest update: Feb 23, 2020.

I believe that the person who writes down their personal goals can achieve way more than the person who doesn’t. This is repeated advice in nearly every personal development book ever published, and I’ve found it to be true.

I recently looked at my written goals from when I was 18 years old. They felt ridiculously unachievable when I wrote them, but today I’ve not only crossed most on the list, I have changed my whole mindset around the goals.

On this page, I will list my goals. Both those that are short-term, but also those which have a significantly longer horizon.

But why share something so personal as your goals? I believe in full transparency which I also hope to make clear on my about page. I have nothing to hide, and if this can inspire someone else I would be very happy. In addition, I believe that posting things online for people to see, it makes me more committed to my goals.

My approach

I have one guiding principle: I want to reach the limit of what’s possible. I accept going through pain in order to become the best possible person and achieve as much as possible. This means I am very willing to sacrifice short-term enjoyment and expectations if it means I increase the odds over the long run. This includes postponing bigger things in life such as family, kids and a house – they’re very important to me – but if I have to postpone them I will accept that.

I deal with my goals in the following way:

I have “life goals”, which is on a +10 year perspective. These are glowing beacons, helping me to go in the right direction. These should be extremely ambitious and should scare me because they’re way out of my comfort zone. You will find my life goals in the bottom of the page.

I try to plan 10 years ahead. I do this by having:
“Long-term goals”
, which is from a 10-year perspective. These should be very ambitious and scare me, but still realistic and approachable in ten years.
“Medium-term goals”, which is from a 3-year perspective. These are usually sub-goals of the “lifetime goals”, but more concrete and operational.
“Next year goals”, which is goals for the next year. These goals are concrete and realistic – yet they’re still big goals which require a lot of steps.

My “next year goals” is then broken down into OKR’s. OKR’s are then defined on a quarterly basis.

A great example of a long-term goal could be to “run a marathon“. When I was 18 years old and had a weight of 105kg – then running a marathon seemed like an audacious or even unrealistic goal. But as you break them down into running 3-5 times a week for over a year, then it becomes very actionable.

So let’s jump into my goals – starting with the long-term goals. Life goals are at the bottom of the post.

Long-term goals (10 years)

Business & Economy & Work:

  • Have a personal net worth of +100 million DKK. Deadline 2027
  • Either be a business angel OR be building something huge “Elon Musk style”. The underlying goal is to positively affect at least +100 million people on a yearly basis – directly or indirectly. Deadline 2027
  • Have and maintain a big network of leaders in both startups and corporates. Difficult to make concrete, but I have to be able to look in the mirror and say “yes”. Deadline 2022
  • Have a big direct or indirect audience based on my personal brand (1.000.000 people reading on a yearly basis). Deadline 2024

Health & mind & body:

  • Have paid for cryonics, so I will be cryo-freezed in case of death. Deadline 2025
  • Following best-practice longevity knowledge at a given time (assuming a mix of lots of sports, medicaments and avoiding some foods and liquids). Deadline 2023
  • Stable maintaining a maximum 77kg weight and a max fat percentage of 15%. First deadline 2018. New deadline is Summer 2020.
  • Go through yearly full-scale checkups with MRI-scan, blood tests, hormone tests and more. Starting 2022
  • Have a very disciplined measuring plan for all my important biomarkers on a regular basis, all posted in an online dashboard fully updated, included and not limited to weight, body fat, activity, sleep, blood-sugar, blood-levels, and much more. Starting 2022

Lifestyle & Experiences:

  • Been in 70+ countries. Deadline 2027 (status: 46)
  • Live in a house close to the beach, nature and a big city I love and I can see myself living in for decades. Deadline 2027

Medium-term goals (3 years)

Business & Economy & Work:

  • Have a personal net worth of +20 million DKK. Deadline 2020 (with my current owner-ship % in Likvido and with latest valuation it’s very close to being done)
  • Stable +50.000 DKK salary from my own scaleable product-based startup. Deadline Q4 2019 (done)
  • Have a big direct or indirect audience based on my personal brand (100.000 people reading on a yearly basis). Deadline 2021 2022

Health & mind & body:

  • Doing sports 5 days an average every week. (currently averaging around 4 for the last year)
  • Stable maintaining a maximum 77kg weight and a max fat percentage of 15%. (from Summer 2020 and maintain. Has been a goal for +2 years and have continiously failed)
  • Slightly ripped upper body from Crossfit/bodybuilding/similar. Deadline 2020 (has been a goal since 2019, but have continiously failed)

Lifestyle & Experiences:

  • Been in +50 countries. Deadline 2020 (status: 46)
  • Visit South America. Deadline 2020 (done Summer 2019)

Year goals – 2020

Business & Economy & Work:

Right now I focus entirely on Likvido. In Januar of 2020, we raised a large seed round and now we just need to execute. Executing is hard work and we have plenty of goals / OKR’s inside Likvido. The two over-reaching goals for me are:

  • Keep growing Likvido at the expected venture growth rate
  • Get out of day-to-day in Likvido. I should be able to be away and not answer an e-mail for 14 days, and daily operations should have continued fine without me.

Health & mind & body:

  • Stable maintaining a maximum 77kg weight and a max fat percentage of 15%
  • Doing sports 5 days an average every week
  • Live healthy including: weekly meditations, supplements, 8-hour sleep and small quantites of soda. (note: this is a very bad goal, as it’s not measureable or concrete enough)
  • Run a marathon (my 4th!)

Lifestyle & Experiences:

I’ve decided to keep these goals relatively open. I’ve completely ignored social goals (both new friends and existing relationships). This does not mean I should ignore it, nor should I not add it to my quarterly OKR goals. However, unlike the goals on this list, this is something I want to add ad-hoc every quarter depending on my time for it. Likvido, health and travelling are #1 for me, and if I have time to do more things – then that should be done for social things.

  • My apartment needs a serious make-over, so it feels very comfortable (note: is not concrete in written format, but I know what I want here. I had an interior designer make a plan I need to get implemented)
  • I need a completely new wardrope as I hit 80kg again
  • I need to visit 12 countries (1 per month), and visit at least 4 new countries I’ve not seen yet so I’ve hit the 50 country mark.

Things I’ll strive for in 2020:

  • Find a serious relationship. I’ve had plenty of fun the last decade, but I’m starting to miss something serious. I should be open to this and be ready to take a chance.
  • Be a host. I’ve previosuly not been hosting events / parties. I want to change this role this year, and actually do that so I get to see more people often.
  • Meet new people. I want to increase my network and meet interesting new people.

Current OKR cycle, Q1 2020

I’ve kinda abused the OKR system below. An example is the first OKR, where the objective is basically a key-result, and below is ways to achieve this key-result… But please bear over with me.

The OKR’s was started from February, so only over a 2 month period.

OKR 1: Needs to have at least one weight measurement below 84kg

  • I need to eat slow carb at least 6 weeks (0/6)
  • Use weighing scale every morning I sleep at home (on track)
  • I need to exercise on average of 4 times per week. That means I need to exercise 28 times (14/28)
  • I need to reach all 3 iWatch rings daily (movement, activity and standing up) (on-track)

OKR 2: I want to have a lot of fun

  • Private key-result not shared online (done!)
  • I want to visit at least 3 countries (1/3). I’m going to Kenya in mid March. I’ll probably skip the 3rd country, as I’m also going to Prague in April and Barcelona in May. Will be able to catch up later with “1 travel every month”…
  • I want to have at least 5 “extra memoreable experiences”, defined as trips / experiences / events which is defined as either out of the normal (not just restaurant or bar) OR event with multiple event (3/5)
  • I want to try to make at least 3 new dishes (1/3).

OKR 3: My apartment needs a make-over

  • Get a new bed (ordered, pending)
  • Needs a complete make-over to make it cozy & practical
  • Needs to fix broken things (fire alarm, water alarm, kitchen doors, loose furniture – I have an internal list)

OKR 4: I want to improve my network

  • Catch-up with at least 3 people I’ve not met for a year (1/3)
  • Spend an 1:1 evening with at least 2 people I’ve not known before (0/2)
  • Host at least 1 social event with +4 participants (0/1)

Life goals / bucket list

The following list is not per se goals. They’re more concrete things I want to try throughout my life, but that didn’t make it to a specific list with a deadline.

The list below is for those goals you don’t just do every day. Most require you to actually take a plane or make a real & serious effort. For the more mundane day-to-day bucket-list stuff, we the headline after.

Career bucket-list

During my working career, I want to try a couple of things 🙂

  • Go public with a company as a top-tier stakeholder
  • Try the whole life-cycle of a VC-company: grinding, pre-seed, seed, A-round, B-round and then either IPO or sell
  • Sell a company for a serious amount (at least 10mio+ USD, preferably 100mio+ USD but hopefully a unicorn @ 1 billion USD)
  • Start a company that affects a billion people, directly or indirectly (~500.000)
  • Invest at least 50 million USD in at least 20 different companies as an investor

Experiences bucket-list

Below is a list of things I want to try to see or so.

  • Active volcano
  • Cruise ship (yeah, it’s a bit proletarian – but gotta try it)
  • Dance tango in an Argentine milonga
  • Drive a real tank
  • Eating at a Michelin star restaurant
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Kayak: trying to actually sail in one
  • Outdoor hiking trip sleeping outside a couple of nights in a row
  • Parachute
  • Safari (a REAL one! See real lions and stuff!)
  • Sail in a submarine
  • Whale watching – I’ve seen real whales in Costa Rica, but I want to see some big awesome ones!
  • Run a marathon (my goal was to do it once, I ended up doing it twice (and going to do my third in September 2019)! Post about first marathon).

Finance bucket-list

I have big financial goals – and you may ask why? Well, it’s expensive to go to space, live thousands of years, build companies (they sometimes fail) and invest in many companies.

  • Net worth value:
    • 30 Years old: 20 million DKK
    • 40 Years old: 100 million USD
    • 50 Years old: 1 Billion USD

Lifestyle bucket-list

  • Get a sixpack and maintain it for a year+
  • Get a laser operation in my eyes
  • Own my own apartment
  • Permanent visa in the USA
  • Try to live in the following countries:
    • Singapore
    • US
    • Germany
    • Hong Kong
    • Philippines

Longevity bucket list

I’ve briefly mentioned this on my home page and about page, but I expect we will be able to live much longer in my lifetime. This is why this is on my bucket list.

  • Have an influence on the upcoming longevity industry

Media & brand bucket-list

  • Interview on national TV
  • Get an article in TechCrunch

Physical stuff bucket-list

We all want physical stuff & me too!

  • Own a penthouse close to the water
  • Own an apartment in a city center
  • Own a real super sports car (ie. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or similar class – Porche does not count)
  • Have a lifestyle where I don’t ever spend time on practical tasks such as cleaning, cooking and so forth

Traveling bucket-list

I love to travel more than the average person – which shows  🙂

Cities & countries

  • Visit 100 countries (46/100 countries already!)
  • Bali in Indonesia
  • Cape Town in South Africa
  • Chicago, US
  • Chile
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Galapagos islands
  • Hawaii
  • Iceland
  • Iran
  • Jamaica
  • Kenya
  • Lima in Peru
  • Maldives
  • Medellín, Colombia
  • Nassau in the Bahamas
  • North Korea
  • Serbia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sydney in Australia
  • Zanzibar in Tanzania
  • Toronto in Canada
  • Poland (2019)
  • Rio de Janeiro (2019)
  • Buenos Aires in Argentine (2019)
  • Dubai (2019)
  • Tokyo (2018)
  • Costa Rica (2017)
  • New Delhi (2018)
  • Jerusalem
  • Bangkok
  • New York (link)
  • San Francisco
  • Seoul
  • Paris
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Beijing & Shanghai (link and link)
  • Barcelona (link)
  • Rome

World or nature wonders

  • Grand Canyon in the US
  • Hagia Sophia in Turkey
  • Kremlin in Moscow
  • Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Petra in Jordan
  • Pyramids in Egypt
  • Sigiriya in Sri Lanka
  • Victoria Falls
  • Pantheon in Greece (link)
  • Taj Mahal (link)
  • Halong Bay (link)
  • Chichen Itza (link)
  • Stonehenge (link)
  • Colosseum
  • Halong Bay (link)
  • Angkor Wat (link)
  • The great wall of China (link)
  • Underground river (link)

Travel Experiences (location specific)

  • Auschwitz
  • Camino de Santiago (walk the whole trip)
  • Climb a famous mountain from Tour de France – preferably Alpe d’Huez.
  • Greenland ice-sheet
  • Iguazu falls in Argentine
  • Lord-of-the-rings scenery in New Zealand
  • Northern light
  • Route 66 – driving the whole one
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Trans-Siberian railway

Skills bucket-list

Below is a list of things I really want to learn throughout my life.

  • Learn to fly a plane (just basic certificate for small planes)
  • Learning to dance properly (actual style or dance doesn’t matter)
  • Riding a horse
  • Take a course in Asian cooking

Future bucket-list

The following are not possible yet, but are things I do expect will be possible in my lifetime.

  • Fly in a real spaceship (BFR counts)
  • To “drive” a fully self-driving car
  • Visit Mars for at least one cycle (~2 years)