Lately, I’ve been very focused on my general health.

My whole youth I was severely overweight, and it was first when I was 18 years, I decided to fix the problem back in 2018:
I went from 105kg til ~82kg, and have pretty much stayed there ever since (with slight jumps to higher eighties).

However, my recent goal is a bit different. After my marathon in December, I have made a new goal of getting a sixpack. This probably requires ~12-14% bodyfat (currently ~20%) and quite a lot of bodybuilding, which I started for the first time just over 3 weeks ago.

How to maintain the goal?

I’ve always found that when I focus on a goal, it usually succeeds. In addition, if I have told other people about it, it’s easier for me to maintain it because it’s quite embarrassing not to.

Because of this, I’ve made my personal goals public for over a year now. The goals are really personal: everything from my long-term ambitions to what I focus on the next 3 months.

As a new attempt, I’ve also started to make a health dashboard. The idea is that I use quite a lot of tracking:

  • Withings weighing scale to measure my weight and body fat
  • Endomondo whenever I am running
  • Apple Health to count my steps
  • I pre-ordered an Oura ring to measure my sleep
  • Headspace to measure my meditation

And why not show all of these data in public?

Because of this, I’ve made my health dashboard which shares the first initial metrics (weight and mediation). An example taken from the 31th of March 2018:

Check the health dashboard

You can see the health dashboard here: HEALTH DASHBOARD.

How did I build this?

It was pretty easy.

I found the website Exist, who provides a super nice platform with an API. They simply read data from some of my devices – and I can call them via an API.

They currently don’t support Endomondo, body-fat in Withings Oura ring and they measure steps in Apple Health wrong (differentiating between biking and steps) … But it’s a start. Not as useful as I wanted, but I hope they will bring on more integrations soon.

I put everything together in a simple ASP.NET MVC app and uploaded it to Github.