Sunday morning at 7am I arrived in Bangkok airport. Tired after forgetting to sleep in the plane (who can sleep at 3pm???), I was in a good mood and wanted to get into the city.

First I had the pleasant surprise of finding out sim cards are VERY easy accessible. Around 15 USD poorer, I had 3gb of 4G data and unlimited 3G. Hello connected world!

As a good traveller I decided to open my Uber app, to realize they charged a surprisingly “1000 baht” (~40 usd) go travel into town. Instead I took one of these “public taxis”, and I was on the road. Quickly. I arrived in a great and simple apartment/hotel ordered on Airbnb: and I was ready to explore Bangkok:













Now, I am not a big fan of Bangkok. I’ve been here before, and I just don’t like the city:

  • It’s crowded
  • Too much traffic
  • Feels polluted
  • A tad expensive unless you know where to go
  • Difficult to get around

However, after walking a bit more around with my experiences in mind, I actually started to like Bangkok a bit more.

For instance, for dinner sunday evening I went to this amazing place (Sukhumvit 38) full of street food. Around 3 usd poorer and an amazing meal, I could go full to bed:














The next morning, monday, was the first real test: how is it working in a remote place?

I decided to use the co-working space Hubba Thailand. A GREAT place! It was really easy to hook up with the internet, a nice chair and table, awesome lunch.

I had multiple Skype meetings, and it was really fun sitting with palms and sunshine in the background, seeing my coworkers back in Denmark (with complaints about weather):

IMAG0351 IMAG0345 IMAG0343













Lessons learned from starting out as a 1-day digital nomad in Bangkok

  • Co-working spaces do work really well
  • It’s awesome weather in Bangkok
  • Without Uber to get around, you’re screwed (unless you can survive using the Skyline)
  • Money disappears quickly: taxi, sim card, apartment, dinner, water, breakfast and co-working space. It’s definitely not cheaper than my lifestyle in Denmark

Going to Chiang mai

The real first destination of my trip was actually Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is in the northern part of Thailand, is much more relaxing and laid back than Bangkok.

I took the plane at 8am (waking up at 5am, auch!), and arrived at the co working space Punspace at around 10am.









Now, this co-working space was / is also really great. Awesome people, chairs, tables, Internet and even a Skype room (ok, that room is less than 1m2, but it works).

I even wanted to feel a bit local, and went to the supermarket to buy groceries. Here you see AWESOME banana pancakes (4 eggs, 2 bananas – you can thank me later):









The breakfast is also easy: a few slices of bacon, some vegetables and eggs.

Running in the morning is great, and this morning I saw this on my way:







The apartment and surroundings also looks great:



















All in all, it seems to work really well here in Chiang Mai. The weather is amazing (around 35 degrees). It’s really easy to work here because of the awesome co-working spaces. And the food…. The food is amazing.

Now, I DO have to learn “the subtle differences between spicy in Thai and Danish” (my tongue is scared after yesterday), but I really like the amazing food here.

Lessons learned from Chiang Mai so far:

  • Really to walk around and get around
  • It’s an awesome place to do your morning-jog
  • Co-working spaces just work perfectly
  • The wi-fi is really stable here as well
  • Everyone speaks Thai and very little English. I get to do A LOT of point and nodding 🙂


All in all, I had the best possible start on the trip. I will stay in Chiang Mai for at least 3 weeks, and then consider what to do next.

So far: I am happy 🙂