I'm a man on a mission

Living forever, travel the universe and try everything there is.
My goals are insane because I want to strive for the impossible.

"Aim For The Stars, If You Fail, You'll Land On The Moon"

What is important to me



I love building companies and will keep doing it. My biggest goal is building *huge* companies, impacting the world.


Health & biohacking

I want to live forever and share my path towards extreme actions towards good health


Digital nomadism

I've lived as a digital nomad for multiple years and love it. Not only do I believe it's a big part of the future, I recommend it to anyone.


Cryptocurrencies & blockchain

I believe that cryptocurrencies and tokens will be a even bigger revolution than the Internet. People who disagree have not yet understood cryptocurrencies.



I believe in the technical singularity, and I want to be a robot. I want to work towards the singularity as a goal, and make the world a better place.



I believe everyone can do more in life. I love self-help and self-improvement. It's very interesting how much we can achieve if we work hard and strive towards audacious goals.

My story

Below i've taken some of the headlines from my life. Enjoy!

1989. I was born

Born in a very dramatic setting. My umbilical cord tried to kill me, but a very skilled doctor saved my life.

2005. Became a superstar in the computer game Runescape

I was not very good at making friends in real life, so I spent a lot of time at the computer. Ended up becoming a superstar in Runescape with thousands of fans.

2008. Read my first self-help book and changed my life

Got the highest grades of all students at my high school that year. All while I lost 20 kgs, learned to date girls and moved away from home.


2009. Started my first business and ran a half-marathon

After loosing 25 kg, I celebrated that with running my first half-marathon. I also started my first business - selling websites - earning very little money.

My first interview with at least a hundred thousand listening in...

2011. Finished my bachelor in software and moved to Hong Kong

After 3 years at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) I got my bachelor degree, moved to Hong Kong all while trying to hustle at my small side-businesses.


2012. First two real business successes and being a consultant

While staying in Manila (Philippines), I built two smaller businesses that worked. The first being a student website which later became one of the most popular in Denmark. The second, a webshop with toys for kids.

However, I realized this would never make me very rich or successful, so I got a job as a consultant at Netcompany - a very fast growing IT consultant firm.

2013. A masters degree and pursue Bitcoin

I realized becoming insanely successful, requires an understanding of how businesses work. I finished a master degree in 11 months (Cand.IT - MSc in e-business) and wrote my thesis in 3 weeks.

I fell in love with in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and started the Danish Foundation for Bitcoin. My thesis (below) was about the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2013.

2014. Earning real money

I worked full-time for one of the biggest Danish webshops, SAXO.com, managing everything about the front-end while managing a big development team in Ukraine / Russia / Vietnam.

Last that year, I sold my student website, and founded Jarboo. At Jarboo I ended up having 10 software developers as freelancers working for my clients.

2015. Year of the digital nomad

Went fully digital nomad, and lived in Romania, Germany, Thailand, Philippines and saw many more places – all while earning +100k DKK a month

Despite travelling A LOT this year, I spent a lot of time in offices like these. Making $$$ while having a blast[

2016: My first venture business

As my ambitions grew, I realized I would never become a billionaireby outsourcing development. I bought a 35% stake at one of my customers startup - Monera - and worked 70+ hours pr week there.

We got to 45 employees, 10 million DKK in funding and more than 40 million DKK in sales.

2017: Toughest year of my life

Growth and sales do not equal money in the bank. Monera went bankrupt because of bad cash flow and millions of debtors owing us money. Spent 3 months in Berlin to reflect on everything after the crash.

I decided to get in shape and ran my first marathon in Pisa.

I made a post about 2017 here.

2018: Back to work with a new company

After 2 months in Asia (India, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong,, Taiwan and Japan), I've made a lot of changes to my life.

On the business side, I'm more ambitious than ever. My new company, Likvido, will change one of the oldest, most rigid and important industries in the world: debt collection. I also wrote an article about WHY I started Likvido.

I also started body-building for the first time and Iran another marathon!

I made a post about my 2018 here.



2019: Startup-grind in Likvido

2019 Was awesome. Building Likvido from 2 employees to 25 employees, raised a few million EUR in funding and building a product with happy customers. Such a crazy venture doesn't come from nothing. Working 70-80 hours every week on average and neglecting many parts of my life: socially and health.

However, I did get to travel at least once per month and finally got to experience South America. Side note: I LOVE Rio de Janeiro.



2020: ?

2019 Was a grind (and I loved every day of it), but 2020 will different. I want more experiences (travel + try new things). I want to meet more friends. I want to date more and if I meet someone special, maybe even get a girlfriend.

I plan to work a bit less than 2019 and keep a more reasonable workweek around 60 hours, instead of averaging around 70-80 hours.