I love about pages. I can write LOTS AND LOTS about myself, and you can’t stop me. Disclaimer: since this page is about me, it’s long.

My serious looking image

My current Tinder image

Born in Denmark in ’89, I’ve grown up in an EXCITING time. I remember playing with computers since I was born. I’ve seen how both the Internet, social media, and smartphones have shaped the world which has made who I am.

I’m an entrepreneur, avid crypto-follower, digital-nomad-ish, self-help freak with a strong belief in the coming singularity.

The entrepreneurial side has been a part of my life since I was 18. I’ve done a lot of stupid things, including selling toys on a webshop.

In 2014 I sold my first “real” project: a student website with a lot of visitors.
After that, I sold a lot of software through outsourcing with Jarboo, and made a lot of money which I still live on.

From winter 2015 to spring 2017 I co-founded Monera with an awesome guy called Max. We went from 2 guys in a basement shitty co-working space to lots of external investments, 45 employees, office in Spain and lots of traction. Ended in a fucking depressing bankrupt.

Currently working on a new and bigger project with Max, which is ****ing awesome, make the world a better place and hopefully make me rich so I can fix the world “Elon Musk”-style.

Just no more bankruptcies – they fucking hurt.

I hate rubber ducks

In 2013 I bought plenty of Bitcoins at 15 USD a piece. Apparently, I’m not a very good investor because I’ve lost millions in lost opportunity. Also lost some. However, ignoring the speculating part, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to ROCK the world.

The reason we haven’t seen any “killer apps” yet, is because taking down foundations take time. Banks are not going to adopt blockchain, banks are going to be disrupted like cars did to horses.

Yes, it’s a bubble.

Digital nomadism is on the rise. I’ve “lived” (1+ month) in Thailand, Philippines, Romania, Germany, Hong Kong and Denmark. All while I’ve been working and earning significantly more money than your average joe at home. Cause digital rocks. That’s going to be normal looking few years ahead. Remote work and working from co-working spaces are a big part of the future.

So is traveling. I’ve been to 35 countries, and plan to do double that number before I’m 40. In my parent’s generation this would be seen as obscure, today it seems unambitious.


Self-help is either kinda cool or kinda embarrassing to talk about, depending on your audience. I am kinda hooked through. I cannot read much Anthony Robbins or Brendon Burchard without wanting to puke, yet I’ve gotten SO MUCH good from them plus many more “gurus”. It’s honestly a love-hate-relationship.

I have written down goals with deadlines. I track my goals weekly. I write openly about them. I want “more from life”. I meditate. I do a fucking lot of exercise. I read about high performance. I buy their books. I’m hooked. But that doesn’t change most material in this area is puke and cringe-worthy.

I believe technology is amazing, and the coming singularity will save us all. I honestly believe in the underlying premise of the Singularity is near which argues technology is accelerating exponentially. This means we will merge with robots, become multi-planetary, fix poverty and diseases, live longer lives, reach the longevity escape velocity leading to avoiding death.

All happening within our lifetimes by the way. Writing this obviously makes me sound like some priest describing some religion – and I wonder how much of the following of that movement is caused by the overwhelming fear of death.

My life in numbers

Phase 1: From suck to high-school

– Managed to be born. Good job to me.

– Was teased a lot in school because I was fat and geeky.

– I started playing golf, which was the first sport I liked. I never got good at it, because the only thing I loved was smashing with the driver – I hate the smaller (and often more important) shots.

See how happy my sister look. I am sure my family loved my golf mania!

– Lost my first girlfriend because I was addicted to Runescape.

I spend every hour I didn’t dedicate to school in Runescape.

– Became one of the most famous players in Runescape under the nickname Mcoroklo, arranging the first national match between Sweden and Denmark. Denmark lost.

– For the first time in my life, I experienced getting a “bad grade” in school. I received “8” with at that time was the “average” grade. I had played Runescape all night before and didn’t read for the exam.

– Quitted Runescape and computer games in general, never to return. Best decision of my life.

– Started in high school. LOVED it. Got amazing friends. Got drunk. A lot.


– My girlfriend broke up with me. I reached 105kg

– I learned about “The Game” (seduction community), self-improvement (Anthony Robbins, “Personal Power”) and entrepreneurship (Timothy Ferris, 4 hour work week). I read 20 “self-help” books in a year.

– Finished high school with the highest grade average of all students in my school that year

“I know I’m awesome, thank you”

Phase 2: Building a solid foundation


– Started software engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and moved away from home

– I made goals for the rest of my life.
All goals you can expect from a horny 18-year old: becoming a billionaire, run a marathon, owning a pent-house,  lots of travel and of course having sex with at least a hundred girls!

– Signed up for a marathon

– Started going out at least 2 times a week, and talk to at least 10 girls per night

– I tried to do a lot of start-up shit, which was all pretty bad.
My first customer (huge douchebag) threatened to sue me


– Ran a half marathon, got to ~82-83kg (and I’ve stayed there since) and got an injury so I had to cancel my marathon.

– First time interviewed on a couple of national newspapers and radio channel about a (failed) conference I tried to host with my friend Martin

My first interview with at least a hundred thousand listening in…


– Got so comfortable around girls that it wouldn’t be a concern again, and realizing that having sex with a hundred girls was a stupid goal


– Finished my bachelor degree half a year faster than scheduled with fine grades

– Managed to keep suck at entrepreneurship for 3 years with horrible start-up projects (including half-year spent on an educational role-playing game)

– At my uncles 50 year birthday, in a drunk condition, he told me I could visit him in his home in Hong Kong. So I moved to Hong Kong for 3 months

Hong Kong. I got to lovethe city!


– Started working seriously on my student website – my first real successful project. Thousands and thousands of visitors every day

– Moved to Manila, Philippines, for 3 months with my girlfriend at the time

– Got my first “real job” as an IT consultant at Netcompany. Hated every day.


– Bought plenty of Bitcoins at 15 USD a piece.

– Decided I wanted a masters degree. Finished my “e-business degree” after 11 months, writing my thesis in 3 weeks (scheduled is 24 months), while working 30 hours a week as a “student developer”

– Wrote a script for a dating site to automatically arrange dates for me. Had lots of fun


– Had an amazing job for 6 months at SAXO. Replaced this by becoming a consultant in my own company. This later became Jarboo, which is my biggest commercial success to date

– Started the Danish Bitcoin Foundation with a group of friends.

– Sold my student website


– Went fully digital nomad, and lived in Romania, Germany, Thailand, Philippines and saw many more places – all while earning +100k DKK a month

– Also traveled to Spain, Mexico, USA, Hong Kong and Marocco

– Co-founded Monera together with Max

– My mom died

Despite travelling A LOT this year, I spent a lot of time in offices like these. Making $$$ while having a blast


– Got 3.5 million DKK in funding, and later 5+  million DKK more

– Worked 13-14 hours a day on average.
This sounds good in American self-help books or on social media. I cannot recommend this in real life. It makes you ****ing stupid

– Grew company to 45 people

From 0 DKK to +1mio DKK in monthly revenue in 6 months …


– Went bankrupt with Monera, starting a very difficult period. After spending more than one year with 13-14 hour work days, everything felt quite empty

– Moved to Berlin. Got A LOT of fresh energy. Now more hungry than ever.

– Running my first marathon in Pisa, December 17th

Been an amazing 3 months in Berlin with great friends!



– Kicked off 2018 with an amazing 2-month trip, seeing India, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan

– Launched Likvido Inkasso – which will be the best debt collection firm in the world 🙂 We are also making a debt collection API (inkasso API).

“I’m a very, very scary samurai – taken in Tokyo, Japan”