I love trying new things, which is why I’m keeping my bucket list up-to-date. I believe most people only put the absolute biggest things on a list, which is really sad. By putting both large and small things on a list, you get to try much more! 

Every quarter I set a goal to cross at least some items off. For example, From October 2020 to December 2020 – I want to cross 3 things off.

Here is 20 new items I’ve added in October 2020.


1. Try to live in Dubai for 3+ months.

Todo: REMOVE: Visa in USA (not something I want anymore… I don’t believe in US the same way as before)

Physical stuff:

2. Own a Tesla car


3. Try a top-tier roller coaster

4. Mexican themed Michelin restaurant

5. Italian themed Michelin restaurant

Cities & Countries

6. Croatia

7. Montenegro 

8. Slovakia

9. Scotland

World or nature wonders:

10. Salar de Uyuni – the salt lakes in Bolivia  

11. Hobbiton in New Zealand

12. Great Barrier Reef in Australia

13. Antarctica

Travel experiences:

14. Trolltunga hike

15. Mount Everest base camp


16. Learn to surf basic

17. Learn to dive

18. Hunting license

Mundane daily:


19. Randers Regnskov

20. Egeskov castle