Self-improvement can be very difficult – also when travelling

While I am travelling the world as a digital nomad, I am also trying to improve myself. This is something I’ve done since I made a lot of ridiculously ambitious goals when I was 18 years old.

Now, improving yourself is fucking difficult. You set a goal, lets say loose 10 kgs, and you’re super determined. Well. Until you get caught up, and is having food-sex with that amazing Ben & Jerries ice cream. That’s life, and it happens to anyone. However, luckily enough, sometimes we manage to break our patterns and thereby changing our actions until they become habits.

As I wrote about earlier, I’ve also realised travelling around makes it even more difficult for my personally. 3 Weeks ago I wrote about some new habits I wanted to try, and last week I wrote about how different countries seem to influence me a lot.

In this post I want to follow-up on my “new habits” and then reflect a bit on self-improvement.

New habits.

In my last post, I wrote I would do the following things:

  • Make a plan about where to go and stay
  • Have a morning routine
  • Have an evening routine
  • Always go for slow carb option af restaurants
  • Always have a list of “to read” books
  • Work
  • Distractions

Now, how did it go? Not very well, thank you for asking. Not sure who I could give the fault, I should probably claim the fault myself.

Funny enough, something very obvious happened: things that are very close to what I normally do happened, and the “new things” were… ignored. Let me explain.

Previously I’ve successfully used to-do lists. I wrote them in the evening, and did them next day. This has always been a great experience; yet it’s something I just stop being because… fuck me?

Anyway. The whole evening/work-thing went well… Same with books… Same with making a plan about where to go. Because I am used to that. It’s not a habit, but close to it.

However, I am not a morning person (yet). I do not meditate(yet). I do not do push-ups(yet).

Guess what happened with these new habits? Nothing.

HoweverMy experience is, next time I try it, more will succeed. Which is why I will start again – from tonight – to start the rest of the habits.

To my, even while travelling, self improvement is about keep retrying until it works. And then, one day, it works just works.

I hope you liked the post!
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