Hi, I'm Lars Holdgaard

28 Years old and entrepreneur since 2012. Currently building the Danish fintech growth-startup, Likvido, with a new approach to the enormous debt collection industry. I also wrote an article: why start a debt collection company?

Previously I co-founded the fintech startup, Monera, which got to 45 employees but later closed. I also built the software outsourcing company Jarboo with 10+ freelancers and I sold my first big project, GodeKarakterer.dk, in 2014.

I believe technology will change the world universe as we know it over the next decades

Software is eating the world, and we're just getting started. To me, this is more than an interest - it's a guiding principle of how I see the world and my own life. That is what I write about on this site.


We will live (much) longer

Biotech and nanotech will explode, making 100 the new 60 years. Already today, the richer poulations add 0.2 years to our expected living age - every year. I believe we will hit the longevity escape velocity within (some) of our lifetimes.


Jobs will be automated

AI and machine learning are not widely accessible yet. This will change dramatically,year by year. As more and more corporates and startups get access to AI/ML, people will be asthonishment how many tasks and jobs we automate.


We will travel the universe

Cost of space travel is plummeting, which will result in the privatization of space. Mars trips, space vacations and space habitats will be extremely unpractical starting out, but the novelty will result in an explosion.


A much better world

Every metric: peace, starvation, famine and illiteracy - are all improving at a very significant rate. Technology will help solve the biggest problems in the world - making the world better, safer and more open to everyone on the planet

Latest posts

Below is my latest posts. I try to post at least monthly!

Ending 2017 and looking ahead towards 2018

24/12/2017 in Life philosophy

Every year, I try to make a review post for myself. The purpose is basically looking back on the last year, and more important – looking ahead.

Unlike every other post on this blog, these review posts are made completely for me. This means I am writing with one reader in mind – myself. So if you stranded on this post, well, good luck, I’m not writing to you with this one 😉 However, I believe in being VERY open about my life and what I do – as you can see in about me or in my goals. You’re *very* welcome to read it, but my angle is not to please others.

But now back to what this post is about: me 😉

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Finishing my first marathon – my first marathon experience in Pisa Marathon

24/12/2017 in Health

December 17th, 2017.

I have traveled all the way to Pisa, Italy, to run my first marathon. After 6 months serious running training 4-5 times a week, I was ready to run it.

Being a Dane, going to Pisa might seem pretty absurd, but I did this because of two reasons. First and most important, I wanted to finish on in 2017 before leaving for Asia for 3 months, second because Pisa has one of the highest time limits in Europe! At a time limit of 6 hours and 30 minutes, I felt certain that even if my body broke down I could get my “tick in the box” and say I’ve completed a marathon.

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The future of Bitcoin and blockchain – and why it’s much more important than the price

20/12/2017 in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Economics, Technology

I’ve been following Bitcoin since 2013, and oh boy, it has been a ride. Some months it has been crazy interesting, but most months it has been slow and boring.

Fast-forward to the last couple of months, the media has been in a frenzy. As an early Bitcoin enthusiast, this has been exciting, but admittedly also a quite sad experience. Everyone is talking about making a quick buck by investing, and even the smart people who understand the technology often throws around vague statements that blockchain will change the world but never really are able to say more than this.

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Review of Betahaus Berlin – the co-working space in Berlin

20/12/2017 in Digital nomad, Entrepreneurship

For the last 3 months, I’ve been working in Betahaus in Berlin. Betahaus is one of the oldest (if not the oldest?) co-working space in Berlin and is one of the options most people suggest when you ask for co-working suggestions in the city.

In this post, I will give a review of the co-working space. I will share my thoughts, what I really liked and what I did not like so much.

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Digital nomad depression – a downside of travelling the world full time

11/12/2017 in Digital nomad, Life philosophy

When some newbie decides to jump into the amazing new world of digital nomadism – their Instagram and Facebook fill up with amazing pictures.

They see temples in Chiang Mai, they take selfies at the beaches of Bali and post awesome food pictures from the local food markets in Singapore. This all looks amazing, and trust me, IT IS. Digital nomadism is an amazing trend, one I really hope and believe will spread more.

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7 Surprises preparing for my first marathon

12/11/2017 in Health

After a rough spring and summer with my startup (post coming), I found myself having a weight of 87kg. I’m 180cm tall, so this is not “very fat” or “obese”, but enough to definitely categorize me as “overweight”.

I *hate* being overweight, so I decided to fix the problem. I had previously run a couple of half marathons, but nothing more than that. To solve my overweight problem, I signed up for Copenhagen Half Marathon in September followed up by a half marathon in Muggelsee, Berlin. Since this has developed into a more ambitious goal of running Pisa Marathon in December 2017.

The overweight has partly been solved. I’m 81kg and still need to lose 3-4 kg more, but it’s not downright embarrassing anymore – just not good looking. However, the reason for this post is to share some very interesting realizations I’ve made from preparing for a marathon – running 42km in less than 6.5 hours (and hopefully less than 5h!).

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Moving to Berlin – 8 things that has surprised me as a someone from Copenhagen

05/11/2017 in Digital nomad

After a nice summer in Denmark, I decided to move to Berlin for 3 months. My co-founder is German and has always wanted to try to live in Berlin, so this was a great excuse to try something new.

Having a history full of digital nomadism, I was ready to try something new. I’ve never tried to move “close-by”, but always went for destinations further away. The closest place I’ve stayed for a long time was Bucharest in Romania, which was a great experience. However, I was ready to try something new: Berlin.

I’ve been in Berlin multiple times in my life. I have always kinda liked the city, but not more. To me, it seemed a bit… Like Copenhagen – just bigger and less centralized. I really didn’t know what to expect.

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Developing an app – how difficult is it to learn app development (in Xamarin)?

17/09/2017 in Technology

I’ve been been developing and coding since I was 16 years old, and today I’m 27. I have a bachelor degree in software development and have spent most of my times doing websites in ASP.NET MVC.

I’ve never really worked with applications outside the web, which means I’ve always been very much used to the stateless way the Internet works.

But recently I was pushed into app development, which has been a very interesting experience – and thats why I made this blog post: To shed some light on the question: how difficult is it really to learn to code apps? 

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