Latest update: 10th of March 2018.

I believe that the person who writes down their personal goals can achieve way more than the person who doesn’t. This is a repeated advice in nearly every personal development book ever published, and I’ve found it to be true.

I recently looked at my written goals from when I was 18 years old. They felt ridiculously unachievable when I wrote them, but today I’ve not only crossed most on the list, I have changed my whole mindset around the goals.

On this page, I will list my goals. Both those that are short-term, but also those which have a significantly longer horizon.

But why share something so personal as your goals? I believe in full transparency which I also hope to make clear on my about page. I have nothing to hide, and if this can inspire someone else I would be very happy. In addition, I believe that posting things online for people to see, it makes me more committed to my goals.

My approach

I have one guiding principle: I want to reach the limit of what’s possible. I accept going through pain in order to become the best possible person and achieve as much as possible. This means I am very willing to sacrifice short-term enjoyment and expectations if it means I increase the ods over the long run. This includes postponing bigger things in life such as family, kids and a house – they’re very important to me – but if I have to postpone them I will accept that.

I deal with my goals in the following way:

I have “life goals”, which is on a +10 year perspective. These are glowing beacons, helping me to go in the right direction. These should be extremely ambitious and should scare me because they’re way out of my comfort zone.
I have “long-term goals”
, which is from a 10-year perspective. These should be very ambitious and scare me, but still realistic and approachable in ten years.
I have “medium-term goals”, which is from a 3-year perspective. These are usually sub-goals of the “lifetime goals”, but more concrete and operational.
I have “next year goals”, which is goals for the next year. These goals are concrete and realistic – yet they’re still big goals which require a lot of steps.
I have “next 3-months goals”, which is my goals for the next 3 months. This is the first time my goals become actionable because they start to be individual actions when it’s on a 3 month basis.
I have “next month goals”, which is basically what I should do week by week. I keep these private, not because I don’t want to share them, but because I use a project management tool to handle them and copying into this post would not only be irrelevant for 99.9% of all readers but also a time-consuming process

A great example of a long-term goal could be “run a marathon“. When I was 18 years old and had a weight of 105kg – then running a marathon seemed like an audacious or even unrealistic goal. But as you break them down into running 3-5 times a week for over a year, then it becomes very actionable.

So let’s jump into my goals – starting with the long-term goals. Life goals are at the bottom of the post.

Long-term goals (10 years)

Business & Economy & Work:

  • Have a personal net worth of +100 million DKK. Deadline 2027
  • Either be a business angel OR be building something huge “Elon Musk style”. The underlying goal is to positively affect at least +100 million people on a yearly basis – directly or indirectly. Deadline 2027
  • Have and maintain a big network of leaders in both startups and corporates. Difficult to make concrete, but I have to be able to look in the mirror and say “yes”. Deadline 2022
  • Have a big direct or indirect audience based on my personal brand (1.000.000 people reading on a yearly basis). Deadline 2024

Health & mind & body:

  • Have paid for cryonics, so I will be cryo-freezed in case of death. Deadline 2025
  • Following best-practice longevity knowledge at given time (assuming a mix of lots of sports, medicaments and avoiding some foods and liquids). Deadline 2023
  • Stable maintaining a maximum 77kg weight and a max fat percentage of 15%. First deadline 2018

Lifestyle & Experiences:

  • Happily married and have started a family with small Lars-copies. Deadline: 2027
  • Been in 70+ countries. Deadline 2027 
  • Live in a house close to beach, nature and a big city I love and I can see myself living in for decades. Deadline 2027

Medium-term goals (3 years)

Business & Economy & Work:

  • Have a personal net worth of +20 million DKK. Deadline 2020
  • Stable +50.000 DKK salary from my own scaleable product-based startup. Deadline Q4 2019
  • Have a big direct or indirect audience based on my personal brand (100.000 people reading on a yearly basis). Deadline 2021

Health & mind & body:

  • Doing sports 5 days an average every week. Deadline whole 2018, but maintain whole period
  • Stable maintaining a maximum 77kg weight and a max fat percentage of 15%. Deadline Q3 2018, but maintain whole period
  • Slightly ripped upper body from Crossfit/bodybuilding/similar. Deadline 2019

Lifestyle & Experiences:

  • Been in +50 countries. Deadline 2020
  • Meet & date the girl I honestly believe I want to marry. Obviously difficult to plan, but I believe putting myself out there increases odds tremendously. Deadline 2019

Next-year goals

You can see my background for my 2018 goals here.

Business & Economy & Work:

  • Go from startup idea phase to product-market fit. Deadline Q4 2018 (status: on-track – working my ass off)
  • Grow my network and get more friends. Honestly a bit unsure what metric to use here. One part is meeting new people every month, but the more important part is meeting those people again and again so they become friends instead of just a Linkedin Connection (status: not started)
  • Have diversified most cash into multiple index funds using dollar-cost averaging

Health & mind & body:

  • Meditate daily (status: not-on-track)
  • Get to 15% bodyfat and 77kg (status: 82kg and 20% body fat)
  • Having 9 months of consistent bodybuilding/CrossFit 3 times a week from Q2 to Q4 in 2018 (status: started in March, on-track)
  • Doing sports 5 days an average every week whole 2018 (status: on-track)
  • Drop sodas, 100%

Lifestyle & Experiences:

  • Go from 35 to 42 countries visited. Deadline Q4 2018 (status: 39! Been to India, Taiwan, Macau, and Japan this year. And yeah, I do count Macau/Taiwan as countries #dealwithit)
  • Blogging monthly (status: on-track)
  • Posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at least bi-weekly (status: on-track)
  • New wardrobe and plenty of photos (status: not started)
  • Read at least 26 new non-fiction books (status: on-track)

Next 3-months goals

“March to May” will be disciplined. After “December – February” which was amazing, full of travel and fun – I’ve recharged my batteries. My core focus is two things: work like a crazy-person and stay healthy. Anything else is a bonus.

Business & Economy & Work:

  • MUST WIN: Launch my new startup and get +10 customers onboard as test clients. April 2017 (postponed from last 3-month goal block, because of license postpone and decided to make product better #nonMVPstyle)
  • Solve my crypto taxation situation. May 2017 (started the process in December 2017, but not waiting for Danish authorities)
  • Be social and meet a friend / a new person at least once per week. Whole period.

Health & mind & body:

  • MUST WIN: Do sports 5 times a week. Every. Fucking. Week. This includes when I’m traveling. (Was also a goal in last 3-month block – and I did it!)
  • Keep bodybuilding 3 times a week whole period

Lifestyle & Experiences:

  • Launch my react React.js app. Deadline April 2018
  • Finish a full Udemy course (with practice sessions in real projects!) about React and Typescript. Deadline April 2018
  • Release a public API people can use with documentation. Deadline May 2018

Misc goals

The following list is not per say goals. They’re more concrete things I want to try throughout my life, but that didn’t make it to a specific list with a deadline.

Business, fina, ce and career

  • Go public with a company
  • Start a company that affects a billion people, directly or indirectly (~500.000)
  • Net worth value:
    • 30 Years old: 20 million DKK
    • 40 Years old: 100 million DKK
    • 50 Years old: 200 million DKK
  • Have an influence on the upcoming longevity industry

Physical stuff

  • Interview in national TV
  • Owe a penthouse close to the water
  • Owe an apartment in a city center
  • Own a sport car
  • Have a lifestyle where I don’t spend time on practical tasks such as cleaning, cooking and so forth

Sport and health

  • Get a sixpack and maintain it for a year+
  • Climb a famous mountain from Tour de France – preferably Alpe d’Huez.
  • Walk Camino de Santiago
  • Run a marathon
  • Get a laser operation in my eyes

Travel, experiences, and skills

  • Permanent visa in the USA
  • Visit 100 countries
  • Take a course in Asian cooking
  • See the following cities and countries:
    • Sydney
    • Lima
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Kenya
    • Nassau
    • Syd Afrika
    • Buenos Aires
    • Cuba
    • Dubai
    • Sri Lanka
    • Maldives
    • Tanzania
    • Mars (not sure this qualifies as a city?)
    • Tokyo
    • New Delhi
    • Jerusalem
    • Bangkok
    • New York (link)
    • San Francisco
    • Seoul
    • Paris
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Beijing & Shanghai (link og link)
    • Barcelona (link)
    • Rome
  • See the following world wonders:
    • Pyramids in Egypt
    • Victoria Falls
    • Sigiriya
    • Machu Picchu
    • Hagia Sophia
    • Petra
    • Taj Mahal
    • Chichen Itza
    • Stonehenge (link)
    • Colosseum
    • Halong Bay (link)
    • Angkor Wat (link)
    • Kinesiske mur (link)
    • Underground river (link)
  • Try:
    • Safari
    • Cruise ship
    • Parachute
    • To “drive” a self-driving car
    • Sail in a kayak
    • Hike in Sweden with a couple of nights outside