Bitcoin programming – make applications with Bitcoin-qt

I believe in Bitcoins, but when I wanted to make applications with it, I was surprised with the lack of tutorials. Therefore, I decided to do something about it.

I’ve made two things for you. These are of course free, and the wrapper is open source:

  • A video series about how to make applications with Bitcoins, using Bitcoin-qt as a server
  • .NET Wrapper for Bitcoin-qt

Video: Applications with Bitcoins

In this video series, I cover exactly how to make basic applications with Bitcoins. We start from scratch with a basic understanding of the most important concepts. After that, we install Bitcoin-qt and get it to run as a server. Then we cover the JSON RPC communication, and show how to communicate with the Bitcoin-qt server.

Video series

Bitcoin C# / .NET Wrapper

I have made a C# / .NET wrapper for Bitcoins. This takes all the methods from the official Bitcoin-qt API, and makes them easy to use for any .NET programmer.

Find the Bitcoin wrapper on GitHub

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin programming – make applications with Bitcoin-qt”

  1. Thanks for your vdo .
    It very good for my to start my new app 🙂

    God bless

  2. I really enjoy your videos, Thanks!
    I wonder if you could give me a hand with something. I’m looking for a code to create a private key(Wallet) and a public address of that private key in order to make paper wallets.

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